Socian Tips for Securing Yourself from Social Engineering!

The first step for saving yourself from being a victim of social engineering is to stay aware and vigilant. It is okay to be skeptical about everything you see around in internet. Because every scam is made in a way that it looks real. However, as a Security Intelligence Company, […]

Types of Social Engineering You Must Know

If you’re hearing about Social Engineering for the first time, this is for you! Social engineering is a way to manipulate resourceful persons to extract confidential information of a subject. This is an alarming issue which can cost everyone a very high price. It’s important to know the types of […]

Internet security

Social Engineering: A new concern!

WHAT IS SOCIAL ENGINEERING Social Engineering  means the process which the government, media or other groups/individuals follow to influence behavior and beliefs of people at a larger scale. The objective is to bring out the desired result from them. In perspective of ‘information security’, social engineering means to manipulate  people […]

Facebook Protection

Facebook: Guidelines To Prohibit Illegal Access

  Your Facebook account is like the information mine of your personal and professional lives. And so at the back end of your mind, you always have the concern for these information mines not to be hacked ever, making you fall into unwanted circumstances. These unwanted situations can range from […]

Recent trends in Security Intelligence Industry : Socian

  We don’t want to disappoint you by pointing you out about this but yes, let’s face it! Probably the only challenge you will lose to is finding at least one creature on earth who is not concerned about own security. Starting from the period of cave men to the […]

Why Using Facial Unlocking Is A Bad Idea?

After going through a lot of evaluation of security systems of our cellphones since the very beginning of cellphone now it has come to the point of face recognition system. Which means, our phone will unlock itself automatically right after we place our eyes on the camera of the phone […]

Data Theft: A threat to mankind!

Data theft is an idea of stealing information stored on computers, servers, or other devices from another person intentionally from an unconscious casualty to compromise privacy or obtain confidential information. Data theft is a growing problem for individual computer users as well as large associations and organizations. Data theft occurs […]

Stop buying cheap smartphones!

At this present age, it’s sort of tough to separate human from a smartphone; the devices have become so available and so cheap that they often seem to be nothing more than that often conforms the user’s attention. Cheap Smartphones have affected our lives in many ways. Used without care or […]

Importance of Security Intelligence

Importance of Security Intelligence

From the very beginning of our life to the very end, we face a common question every now and then – Are we safe? What is safety in real life? Is it giving us freedom to do what we like? Is it enabling us to feel less threatened by the community? […]