07 Feb

Socian AI Ambassadors’ Program: Chasing Infinite Novelty

Socian Ltd. marches forward with an opportunity for the youth countrywide as we introduce our AI Ambassador recruitment program. This is an annual initiative involving training sessions, mentorship, research opportunities, networking benefits, resources and certification. The goal of the program is to inspire the spirit of artificial intelligence amidst the masses.

Why Join?

Socian Ltd. is the first AI based company of the country operating since 2014. The program aims to accelerate both your growth and potential. We will be providing every ambassadors with top notch resources, periodic mentorships on AI and entrepreneurship, research opportunities and affiliation networks with foreign universities, repositories and much much more. You will directly be trained by the leaders of AI in the country who are also one of the best in the fields of entrepreneurship. The opportunities are limitless in the program.

How to Join?

To be judged for the program simply fill up the form below:


To join the initiative as an ambassador the only pre-requisites are grit, leadership and networking abilities. You don’t need any proficiency on AI to apply. However the program is highly competitive making your leadership and networking abilities subject to judgement. Remember to write as descriptively as possible as it will affect your chances of being selected.


As we will be providing a huge array of opportunities, we expect our ambassadors to complete the delegated tasks for Socian’s outreach development. You will face a decent corporate challenge acting as a pillar to bring in the AI revolution. So buckle up and get ready for the ultimate experience provided via Socian Ambassadors’ Program 1.0.

#Join The Revolution

Join Socian’s squad in bringing the revolution. Fill up the form above. Check our manual on the program: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yJyz-89sR6zb2Pp2Zs-QtXRZUAN_zc3p/view?usp=sharing .

Visit http://www.socian.ai
Mail at communication@socian.ai

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