Socian Tips for Securing Yourself from Social Engineering!

The first step for saving yourself from being a victim of social engineering is to stay aware and vigilant. It is okay to be skeptical about everything you see around in internet. Because every scam is made in a way that it looks real.

However, as a Security Intelligence Company, Socian is always there to help you from any incident. Here are some tips for you!

You never know who is following you!
  1. Pause! Scammers want you to act first and think later. So do not fall prey to the urgency showed in the mails. Pause for a while and verify the source.
  2. Reject helps! Never click on links in the emails which offers you some sort of help which you never even asked for. Help with your anti-virus, financial schemes etc.
  3. Do not believe in someone who calls you and says you won a lottery or a bulk amount of money from somewhere.
  4. Never and ever provide your bank account number or any other information related to it ‘over phone’. Verify that the person calling you is an authorized personnel of the bank, get his full details including full name, post, branch and call back number.
  5. Don’t save your passwords online.
  6. Verify sources. Never open an attachment of an email if the mail comes from an unknown resource.
  7. Be careful about what you’re discussing, about whom and with whom in any conversation with a lesser known colleague or stranger.
  8. Don’t insert any USB devices of others into your computer without being assured that it is harmless. Do not do it just because you are curious to know about  their contents. Let them show it in their way.
  9. Make your security stronger by installing facial recognition, access cards etc in your building and office room entrances.
  10. Never reveal your passwords, PINs, IDs etc with anyone. Not even with the closest ones. Maintain the confidentiality.

Act smart, stay safe. Spread the awareness door to door!

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