Social Engineering: A new concern!

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Fabiha Bushra


Social Engineering  means the process which the government, media or other groups/individuals follow to influence behavior and beliefs of people at a larger scale. The objective is to bring out the desired result from them.

In perspective of ‘information security’, social engineering means to manipulate  people to extract their confidential information. Social Engineers usually break into a system by exploiting people’s beliefs.

Living in this era, you must know by the time that robbery isn’t confined within ‘breaking into houses’ only. It is  becoming widespread through different platforms, that too, in smarter ways!

Social engineers come into your life in complete disguise. And the irony is, in the whole process, you will not even realize that your information is being stolen!


Data Security
Social Engineering is now a real matter of concern



First understand that, social engineering is just one step among the many steps of a large fraud scheme. It is initially done to slowly gather information about an organization being in disguise and then using it to break into a system so that the next bigger steps can be taken. Such as, if a company is considered, a social engineer will first try to know the employee structure, the banks it deal with, the next big projects it will be working on etc. Later, the social engineer will carefully bring out confidential information in many different ways, from the employees themselves.

Hackers use these social engineering techniques to break into a system and install malware or to steal data. And remember, information is everything now!

So for your own sake, you should be knowing the different ways you can be attacked by the social engineers and without knowing so, you might trap yourself anytime without even realizing!

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