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Fabiha Bushra


We don’t want to disappoint you by pointing you out about this but yes, let’s face it! Probably the only challenge you will lose to is finding at least one creature on earth who is not concerned about own security. Starting from the period of cave men to the present days of advancement of technology, every single person is concerned about ‘security’. The basic difference between the two times is the ‘material’ that people are concerned about- previously it was mostly about residence and presently it’s mostly about data.

Data about everything- your whereabouts, your favorite places for outing, your best friends, your doctor,your family, your everything! And if considered as a company- data of your clients, target group, your upcoming plans and everything you can think of!  Let’s not forget the incident of Facebook being accused of breaching data privacy of its users.

The irony is- even hackers are concerned about their security from being caught!

No wonder why the industry of security intelligence is blooming and is one of the most sought for services for many organizations.

Recently in the industry of security intelligence, we can see the following trends in the industry of security intelligence:

  1. Analysis of consumer information: Wonder how your desirable products ‘somehow’ falls before your eyes everytime you wander in social media? No, that’s not magic! Security intelligence help companies collect data and analyze consumer information.
  2. Security and crime prevention: It’s a rising alarming issue! But security intelligence has made it easier for securing your information by its AI or IOT based technologies
  3. Cryptography: It’s about making sure that you’re providing data to the party desirable, none except that!
  4. Intrusion Detection System(IDS): Security Intelligence awares you about intrusion of any unwanted party into your confidential information through its IDS.

Among the threats and possibilities of the industry of security intelligence, Socian Ltd, an AI based Security Intelligence Company can serve our nation with its super powers!

  • Your Personal Social Media Geek:
    People express themselves the most in social media and so it becomes a mine of information for every company. Besides it also becomes a concern for them to protect their insights and data about consumers. Socian, through its specialization in sentiment analysis, can help you to not only extract information from social media, but also protect them for yourself only.
  • Crime analyst of your social media platforms:
    Social Media crime consisting of data theft, spreading rumors, deliberate humiliation based on false information etc is a rising issue in this era. Socian can help you become your detective for protecting you from being a victim to social media crimes!
  • Speech Analysis:
    Speech recognition (SR), also known as voice recognition, is the ability of a program to detect words in spoken language and convert them into a machine-readable format. It reduces paper works, saves data storage, time and provides well developed workflows.
  • Automatic vehicle identification:
    Socian ltd is working with its autonomous vehicle identification techniques to for identifying vehicles and protecting it from any probable mishap.
  • Most importantly, it comes in 81 languages!:
    Socian can dig deep with its ability to work in 81 languages and bringing you information from every desired site!
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