Why Using Facial Unlocking Is A Bad Idea?

After going through a lot of evaluation of security systems of our cellphones since the very beginning of cellphone now it has come to the point of face recognition system. Which means, our phone will unlock itself automatically right after we place our eyes on the camera of the phone and the device recognizes the owner. It’s very useful when our hands are occupied with something else without any doubt!

On the other hand, such face biometric has given birth to a lot of security questions inevitably. It has always been this controversial topic on the social networking sites amongst the tech giants of the world which includes many speculations that this biometric system could easily fooled even at the presence of the owner. Which seems to be pretty much scary.


Face recognition work in a very easy way. Face ID requires the eyes open and directed at the phone, however that may be deactivated. Then the Face ID is used by the front-facing camera and a 3D depth-sensor to form a close map of the face. Face ID can then work mechanically for unlocking. But the problem is since the cellphones don’t have a 3D scanner and this whole process solely depends upon the looks of the face it’s easy for others to fool this system with photos of the phone’s owner.

This system will work with ‘scarves, hats, glasses, contact lenses and lots of sunglasses at ease.

Still, there are always some but’s. What if the owner has an evil twin or grows beard or anything that brings significant changes in face? In that case there is also system of unlocking the phone using pin or password. Because it is possible to unlock the phone by someone who has a very detailed genetic relationship with the owner.

Well lately this face recognition system has brought some updates regarding this and they are, Face ID should not work with photos or masks And The True Depth camera randomly scans the image-capturing and infrared image dot pattern every time it’s opened, for security.

It is said that a lot of updates are yet to arrive which will solve all this securities issues. Well we can only hope for the best!


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